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Medication Q & A

Are medications for mental illness addictive?
What should I do if I forget to take my medication?
I want to stop taking my medication. What should I do?
How long will I have to take medication?
I’ve been prescribed many different medications. I’m worried about interactions, what should I do?
Can I be forced to take medication?

Questions to ask about your medication

What is the name of the medication?

How will it help me?

What dose am I on? Can this be increased or decreased if necessary?

When and how often do I take it?

What are the side effects?

Can I have beer, wine or other alcoholic drinks while I am on medication?

Can I take this medication with other medications I’m taking?

What should I do if I forget to take the medication?

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This is a general guide only, and does not replace individual medical advice. Please speak to your doctor for advice about your situation. The RANZCP is not liable for any consequences arising from relying on this information. Subject matter experts, people with lived experience of mental illness and carers all contributed to this fact sheet.