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International Classification of Diseases – a book published by the World Health Organization. It is a classification system for mental illnesses and disorders. Mental health professionals use the ICD to help diagnose mental illnesses and disorders. The current edition is the 10th edition (known as ICD-10). The way illnesses are classified and diagnosed can often change between editions. There is another classification system, called the DSM, which is more commonly used in Australia and New Zealand.
Doing things without thinking.
Not able to pay attention.
informed consent
Saying you agree to something (usually a medical treatment) knowing all of the risks and benefits for you.
The ability to notice your own symptoms of mental illness.
interpersonal therapy
A type of psychological treatment. Interpersonal therapy is a brief treatment for depression. It asks you to think about and discuss your relationships with other people, and how they affect your mood and emotions.
intrusive thoughts
Thoughts you don’t want and can’t control.
involuntary treatment
When you’re too unwell to make decisions about treatment, a psychiatrist can apply involuntary treatment under the law to treat you even if you don’t want it at the time.