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Someone who helps or supports someone with a health condition or illness.
case manager
A health professional (perhaps an occupational therapist, a nurse or a psychologist) who provides ongoing help to manage mental illness.
Cognitive behavioural therapy. A psychological treatment that encourages you to challenge unhelpful thoughts.
Lasting for a long time. In medicine it usually means an illness or condition lasting for more than 3 months.
clinical psychologist
Clinical psychologists have special training in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. They are the type of psychologist you are most likely to see for help with a mental health issue.
clinical trial
A strictly controlled research study using volunteers to test new medications.
A health-care worker who has direct contact with patients.
To do with thinking, learning and remembering.
cognitive analytic therapy
A type of psychological treatment where you are asked to review your childhood and look at how you have learnt to cope with different situations. With your therapist, you work towards changing the way you view situations and how you respond to them.
cognitive behavioural therapy
See CBT.
An irresistible urge to do something. In relation to OCD it could be a compulsion to clean, arrange things, say certain words or pray, for example.
Describes information that is kept private.
A qualified medical specialist. Consultant psychiatrists have completed their training. They are qualified psychiatrists.
Where a person sees a doctor to discuss a health problem. Or where a doctor asks another doctor (usually a specialist) to assess a patient or recommend treatments.
A person who has experienced mental illness. Some people prefer this term. Others prefer "patient" or "client".
Professional help for personal or psychological problems. Usually involves talking over your problems.
A professional who will listen to you and help to clarify problems in your life. There are many types of counsellors, with different levels of training, skills and experience.
Crisis Assessment Team
Sometimes called a mental health crisis team, this service provides urgent treatment and support for people in mental health crisis. Treatment is often in your own home.