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gap fee
In Australia, when you see a doctor outside of a hospital, you may have to pay a gap fee. This is money you have to pay to the doctor in addition to what Medicare covers.
generalised anxiety disorder
People with generalised anxiety disorder worry much of the time about all sorts of everyday things – to do with work, finances, health or family for example. They worry something terrible might happen, even if there's no real reason to think so.
Doctors who are specialists in old-age medicine.
General Practitioner. Also known as a family doctor. Your GP is the person to talk to first if you are worried about your mental health.
group therapy
A type of psychological treatment. Group therapy involves a group of people with the same types of issues talking under the guidance of a therapist. Group therapy gives you the opportunity to hear from others who are struggling with similar issues to you, to hear their perspectives and to gain an understanding of your own illness.