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A symptom of bipolar disorder. During an episode of mania, a person becomes much more active and energetic than normal.
Māori mental health worker
A health professional with the special knowledge and skills to help Māori and whānau with mental health issues.
The Medicare Benefits Schedule. In Australia, a list of fees Medicare will pay for different medical services.
medical history
A record of health and medical issues.
The Australian Government health scheme, funded by taxpayers.
Medicare rebate
The amount of money Medicare pays toward a medical service like a doctor’s visit.
Medicare safety net
Additional Medicare rebates that kick in once you meet a certain threshold.
Drugs or medicine used to treat or prevent illness.
Mental Health Act
A set of rules about the assessment, treatment and control of people with mental illness. It sets out the rules for doctors as well as the rights of patients. There is a different Mental Health Act in each Australian state and territory and in New Zealand.
mental health nurse
A mental health nurse has a nursing degree plus experience or training in mental health.
Mental Health Review tribunal (also called Mental Health Tribunal)
The role of the tribunal is to protect the rights of people with mental illness who are involuntary patients, either in hospital or in the community under a community treatment order. Each state and territory of Australia has its own tribunal. The tribunal operates in hospitals and community health centres, sometimes by video link.
mental illness
A health problem that affects how a person behaves, feels and thinks. It is diagnosed according to a set of agreed criteria. Doctors may also use the term mental disorder.
mentalisation-based therapy
A type of psychological treatment. Mentalisation-based therapy (MBT) is used to treat people with personality disorders. The focus is on helping you to understand the mental states of other people and yourself.
A type of psychological treatment. Mindfulness is where you are encouraged to focus on the present moment, rather than worrying about past or future events.
A person’s emotional state.
mood disorder
When your emotional state (mood) affects your life negatively. Examples of mood disorders are depression (low mood) and mania (elevated mood).
mood stabiliser
A group of medications used to help even out the extreme high and low moods of a person with bipolar disorder.
motivational interviewing
A type of psychological treatment that encourages you to change your behaviour. It can help people who are affected by drug, alcohol, smoking or gambling habits.