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day patient
When you go to hospital just for the day, without staying overnight.
Very strange beliefs that are abnormal or not true.
A medical condition where damage to brain cells causes problems with memory, thinking, behaviour and learning new things.
depot injection
An injection of medication that lasts for an extended period. Used as an alternative to taking tablets every day.
A mental illness that makes a person feel sad or unable to enjoy anything for weeks at a time.
Short for detoxification. Describes what happens when you stop using alcohol or a drug. Your body and brain have to get used to not having the drug in your system any more. During detox you might have withdrawal symptoms.
An agreed name for a certain set of symptoms. A diagnosis allows doctors to plan treatment and let you know what you should expect. A diagnosis can change over time. It does not define a person.
dialectical behaviour therapy
A type of psychological treatment that focuses on controlling problem emotions (especially anger) and behaviours (such as cutting). It can help people with personality disorders.
A health professional who is a trained expert in healthy eating and nutrition.
When you leave hospital.
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – a book published by the American Psychiatric Association. The manual is a classification system for mental illnesses and disorders. Mental health professionals use the DSM to help diagnose mental illnesses and disorders. The current edition is the 5th edition (known as DSM-5). The way illnesses are classified and diagnosed can often change between editions. There is another classification system, called the ICD, but Australian and New Zealand psychiatrists usually use the DSM.