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The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. A medical college that trains doctors to become psychiatrists. Advocates and informs the community on mental health issues.
The process of getting back to an enjoyable and fulfilled life.
A referral is a formal letter from one health professional to another. It usually has information about your condition or symptoms and a specific request for assistance. This could be for a test, diagnosis, assessment or treatment.
A medical doctor who has completed medical school and is working in a hospital. May or may not be training to become a specialist doctor.
Short for rehabilitation. An intensive period of treatment for addiction in a facility like a hospital. In rehab you will have professionals on hand to help with detox, psychological treatment (talking therapies) and medication.
When someone’s mental illness symptoms come back. Relapse is to be expected and can be planned for so that you can continue to recover.
repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)
A medical treatment for depression and other mental illnesses. It involves applying magnets on the scalp. The magnets induce small electrical currents in the brain.
When a person is physically restricted from moving around, for example by someone holding them, through medication, or by being strapped down.
risk factor
In medicine, it means things about a person that make it more likely they will become unwell. It could be being underweight or overweight, having a family history, or poor diet for example.